Testimonials | Commercial

Bensimon. Byrne D’Arcy
On behalf of Bensimon. Byrne, I am pleased to provide you with a letter of recommendation.
For more than a year we have worked with your company, Goddard Construction Management Services, on two separate projects. The initial project that your company provided management services for, was the construction of our 33,000 square foot office space on Wellington Street in Toronto. This fall, we commissioned your company to make alterations to the lower level of the space in order to accommodate a subsidiary business.As you are well aware, the task that we presented you with was demanding – both in terms oftiming and complexity. Your involvement in the conversion of an industrial warehouse into ourdetailed-designed commercial office space started at the pre-construction stage and carried onthrough the fast-track construction process.

The project was particularly demanding in that the architect’s design mandated significantstructural changes to the building for new floor openings, installation of new electrical & mechanical systems, the construction of detailed drywall/millwork offices, plus fabrication ofcustom millwork workstations. The value of this work was in excess of $2.5 million.

The fact that your organization was able to bring this project in on time and on budget is an achievement that you are to be commended for.

A great portion of the project’s success can be attributed to the teamwork approach thatyour firm brought to the job. Your daily involvement, along with superintendent David Smith’s site efforts, proved highly successful in implementing this fast-track project.

You are likely aware that the finished project has been featured in a number of architecture and design publications.Our delight in the finished office space has been quoted in every article. It is quite clear to us that you, and your organization, played a significant role in delivering a space that surpassed (even our) expectations.
Thank you, once again.

Cossette Communications
On behalf of Cossette Communications, I’m happy to provide you with this letter of recommendation.

The work at Cossette over the past year involved two distinct phases and encompassed several areas within our space. It required everything from complete demolition to finished construction, all the while liaising with our architectural firm. You had to manage & coordinate your efforts while normal Cossette operations functioned around you…no small task. I can report there were surprisingly few complaints from our staff, many of whom worked side by side your team!

Your ability to manage and work within our relatively tight budget was very much appreciated. An old industrial warehouse presents many challenges and troublesome quirks, many of them unforeseen at the time of tendering quotes. Despite this, you impressed me with your diligence in keeping the overall budget in mind. Your efforts atboth supporting and “leaning on” your suppliers & trades was duly noted.

You personally are a visible force within the process. You don’t manage “remotely”; you walk the floors and get your hands dirty on a daily basis. This was helpful to us on many occasions, as you were generally only seconds away at any given time. If an obstacle presented itself, you were forthright in your communication and solution oriented inresolving it.

In short, while projects of this size invariably have their hiccups, I valued both your conscientiousness and partnership. I felt you were always respectful of Cossette’sinterests, something all too rare in most contractors!

We would not hesitate to engage Goddard Construction on any future project!

FirstService Corporation
On behalf of FirstService Corporation, I am pleased to provide you with this letter of recommendation.

Your firm completed a successful $350,000 interior office renovation. During this 8 week period we were able to fully carryon running our corporate operations without much disruption.

You and your staff were always professional, reliable and responded quickly to issues as they arose in an efficient manner. The workmanship completed was carried forward with accurate detail and skillmanship.

We have received many favourable compliments on this renovation and have providedyour contact information to our business associates.

Thank you for your services and we would not hesitate to use your company in the future.

Media Express
It is my pleasure to provide Goddard Construction with this letter of recommendation.

Media Expressis a small advertising agency specializing in the motion picture industry. After alengthy and detailed process, Goddard Construction was retained to renovate our new premises which in itself presented a number of challenges, not to mention tight completion deadlines and budget for the scope of work required.

As you can appreciate any corporate project of this kind is complicated and extremely stressful to the management and staff of the organization. It can cause a great deal of disruption to the daily requirements of running a business. Goddard Construction’s outstanding quality of work, attention to detail, collaborative style with the project team and their problem solving ability, allowed us to complete the project on time, on budget and with the enthusiasm of the entire Media Express staff. One of the key contributors to this success, I believe was your hands-on management style and the dedicated skilled tradesmen that were part of your team.

I have executed two other corporate moves in the past whereby I had to hire an independent consultant to manage the project at considerable cost. With Goddard Construction, this proved to be unnecessary.

Given our experience at Media Express and Goddard Construction’s exceptional performance I will not hesitate to retain your services in the future.

TAS Design Inc.
On behalf of the TAS Design Inc. team I would like to thank you once again for all of your efforts on Vocado.The construction management services provided by GCMS were seamless right from our initial meetings allthe way through execution. Both our team and the client are extremely happy with the project’s outcome.

We were especially impressed with your ability to source and raise the focal tree element in the centre of thestore. Your efforts to successfully bring to life our design’s vision is most appreciated.

Thank you again and we look forward to the potential of working with you on future projects.